About Me

I'm Anna Lowman - AnnaWaits is the name I use for a lot of social networks. And when I say 'a lot of social networks' I mean Twitter. Where I spend my life.

I started this blog for my own amusement, but then people made the mistake of reading and commenting, and I got the bug. I enthuse about those things that make life that little bit more fun, rich and beautiful. Music that makes you smile, TV that actually impresses you, theatre that leaves you speechless, and comedy that does more than make you laugh. Blogging's two-way, of course, and I love reading other blogs as much as writing my own - Lisa Rullsenberg, Marie Phillips and The Medium Is Not Enough entertain me every single day, among many others.

I write for other people, too - including The British Comedy Guide, and Exeunt Magazine. Plus, I had TV previews published in The Guardian, and now I work at the BBC - though these views are my own.

I hope you all find something to read here; if not, check the list of websites down the left-hand side for loads of great stuff.